The Project Services unit supports project development, project implementation, project delivery and project finalisation for civil, mining and industrial infrastructure

We are able to offer clients the skills, the systems and the delivery knowledge to plan, develop, implement, monitor and review projects. We ensure appropriate reporting to clients in a timely manner to allow key project decisions to be made with the right level of consultation.

Combined with Hartecs Groups Management Systems, we are able to deliver certainty to our clients.

Hartecs Group can provide extensive technical and practical civil construction experience and capability in earthworks and concrete works, including roads, bridges, drainage, ROM pads, tailing dams, water storage dams, crusher footings, ground and suspended slabs, retaining walls, concrete repair and protection.

  1. Project Management
  2. Engineering and Design Management
  3. Project Estimation
  4. Commercial Management
  5. Contracts Management
  6. Financial Management
  7. Project Approvals Management
  8. Project Controls
  9. Value Management
  10. Project Scheduling
  11. Project Administration
  12. Project Engineering
  13. Quality Assurance and Management
  14. Risk Management
  15. Safety Management
  16. Environmental Management
  17. Communications and Stakeholder Management
  18. Constructability
  19. Temporary Works Management
  20. Site Superintendence

In addition to a stand-alone provision of services, Hartecs Group will also provide clients with Integrated Project Development and Implementation Systems that can be tailored to suit particular client’s requirements.

This will be delivered using one of the company’s IP Integral Management Systems as deemed appropriate for the level of our clients’ management systems and delivery sophistication

  1. Hartecs Group Total Management System (HGTMS)
  2. Hartecs Group manages the project on behalf of the client
  3. Hartecs Group manages engineering and design
  4. Hartecs Group manages procurement
  5. Hartecs Group manages construction
  6. Hartecs Group manages transactions, finances, payments and claims
  7. Hartecs Group Project Management System (HGPMS)
  8. Hartecs Group manages the project on behalf of the client
  9. Hartecs Group manages engineering and design
  10. Hartecs Group manages procurement
  11. Hartecs Group manages construction
  12. Hartecs Group Construction Management System (HGCMS)
  13. Hartecs Group manages engineering and design
  14. Hartecs Group manages construction

Want to Know More?

To learn more about our approach and how we work, view our portfolio of projects below or contact us.

Construction Services

We support Civil, Marine, Mine and Industrial infrastructure delivery through our Construction Services.

Engineering & Design Services

Engineering and Design Services support have enabled major works for our clients across all sectors the length and breadth of Queensland.


When each service is combined, we can provide a tailored EPCM and MC service to create a wholly integrated approach to project management, design and delivery, ensuring collaboration and clarity at every step of the way.

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